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Past Events

This event is open to all PhD researchers within SGSAH consortium HEI institutions who are studying within the fields of Theology and Religious Studies. The aim of the afternoon is to deal with the tension between theology and religious studies, exploring the possibility of, and benefits in, crossing the boundary between these two subject areas. Some panel members will share their insights about the topic. Certain texts will be provided in advance for groups discussion on the event day. Sandwich lunch and afternoon tea/coffee will be provided. The cost of travel to and from the event will be reimbursed.  

This PhD-student led event will centre on a dialogue with Prof. Bruce Whitelaw, Genus Chair of Animal Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh. Prof Whitelaw is a world leader in the use of the gene editing technology CRISPR, and has pioneered the use of lentivirus vectors to deliver new genes into animal cells. He heads a research group that are currently improving methods for genome editing in a range of livestock species. The aim of this incubator event is to facilitate ethical discussion of the use and future implications of a technique with sweeping implications for the human capacity to alter life.



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