Archaeology and Classics Discipline+ Catalyst

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Upcoming Events

  • Future Reflective? New Directions in Classical Philology (April 2021)

This training event aims to give students an awareness of the history of the discipline. It also aims to connect students working across Scotland on individual projects in classical philology and literary studies, to offer the opportunity to talk about individual research projects, open up potentially fruitful useful academic partnerships and establish shared interests.

  • European Classical Reception Research Network (ECRRN) Pilot Launch (29 May 2021)

This training event sits within a larger postgraduate conference designed to feature the recent work of PhD students and early career researchers interested in the evolving field of classical reception.

  • Popular Outreach in Archaeology (June 2021 as part of the SGSAH Summer School)

Are you curious about putting your archaeology research into the public domain but are not sure how? Are you unsure about the difference between impact, knowledge exchange and public engagement? The aim of this session is to provide training in popular outreach for PhD students in archaeology



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