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Any current PhD student who is thinking forward to postdoctoral fellowships or other research projects will also need to be thinking from the outset of how to build a path to impact into their planning.  This workshop will be designed specifically to promote such strategic thinking, and to give guidance specific to research in linguistics, broadly construed.

This cross-disciplinary event will offer a lecture-based introduction to certain aspects of the linguistic analysis of literary texts, taking an approach which also draws on current cognitive science.

  • The sustainability of languages and the languages of sustainability  (Spring 2021)

This event will concentrate on issues facing linguistic minorities, in the British Isles and beyond and the connections between linguistic, social and environmental sustainability. During the workshop, the participants will engage with selected methodological approaches, challenges facing data collection and interpretation, and case studies concerning aspects of practices, policy and planning for linguistic sustainability.

  • Scotland as a testbed for linguistic research (June 2021)

This workshop will present postgraduate students with the opportunity to try out various methodologies on real data derived from Scotland, including (if possible) small-scale new fieldwork, contemporary corpora (both spoken and written) and historical resources.



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