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  • Descriptive Bibliography: A Course in Studying the Material Book 

(Event 3/4, Signet Library, Edinburgh) 19 April 2023

Past Events

‘Impact’ has become an increasingly important part of academic life in Britain, referring to ‘the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy' (UK Research and Innovation). Funders and employers increasingly expect researchers to explain how and why their work might matter to non-academic audiences. Through a series of case studies, this workshop shows you how to get started on creating impact opportunities for your own doctoral research, discussing different aspects of the impact agenda in academia and how this might apply to Literary Studies. The various talks will explore what impact is, how to achieve it, how to find and work with non-academic partner organisations, what issues might arise, and the potential ethical considerations involved in impact projects.

  • Literature and Health Humanities (June 2022 as part of the SGSAH Summer School)

This event introduces postgraduate researchers to the medical and health humanities. It will be of interest to doctoral students in literary studies, creative writing, critical theory and modern languages, but is open to any Arts and Humanities discipline.



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