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The lines between conventional notions of scholarly criticism and forms of critical engagement that include stylistic features and techniques of writing and reading more usually associated with creative writing and creative non-fiction have become increasingly significant in critical practice. This session will extend the thinking about form that was broached in a Catalyst event for 2019-20 by inviting academic writers whose work demonstrates this approach to share aspects of their practice.

This cross-disciplinary event will offer a lecture-based introduction to certain aspects of the linguistic analysis of literary texts, taking an approach which also draws on current cognitive science.

This workshop aims to explore the role that heritage institutions can play in research and in the dissemination of research in literary studies. Museums and other heritage sites can be invaluable resources for researchers, and yet it is not always clear how to build and sustain a partnership with the heritage industry. This workshop will bring together heritage professionals and academics to consider the benefits and challenges of these working partnerships, as well as offering practical career advice for the researcher who wishes to engage with or work in the heritage industry.

  • What might literature be? (TBC, June 2021)



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