The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities is funded by the AHRC through its Doctoral Partnership Funding, the Scottish Funding Council and our member HEIs.

Our Board meets annually and has one Vice-Principal or equivalent from each member HEI.  It is chaired annually in rotation by the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. The current chair is Professor Dorothy Miell of the University of Edinburgh.

Please find the current list of the SGSAH Board members here.

Our Executive Committee steers our strategic direction.
Please find the current list of the SGSAH Executive Committee here.

‌SGSAH Governance Structure

 SGSAH Organisational Structure

SGSAH Vision

Our vision is a Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities that is an integral and influential part of Scottish, UK and international civil society, growing future leaders and opinion formers in all walks of life.

SGSAH Mission

Our mission is to work together to inspire researchers who are capable, caring, ethical and reflective professionals with a demonstrable commitment to generating and mobilising knowledge across a range of scholarly, professional and public communities. By sharing expertise, best practice, resources and training we will set the standards for and raise the expectations of the postgraduate researcher experience across Scotland.