SGSAH British Council Scholarship Scheme 2024

Cluster 1: Place, Time and Action

HEIs  University of Aberdeen, Abertay University, University of Dundee, University of the Highlands and Islands, University of Glasgow, Robert Gordon University, University of St Andrews 

Academic Leads: Professor Ingrid Mainland (UHI, Cluster Lead) and Professor Mel Woods (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, Deputy Lead) 

We are a consortium of universities located mainly in the east and north of Scotland but also including researchers in archaeology and palaeoecology at the University of Glasgow. Our expertise stretches across the arts and humanities, from historical and political ecology, to modern policy making, to the psychology of behaviour change, and ecocritical approaches to literature, art, design and architecture. Within this, we have a focus on the historical and futures dimensions of environmental change and the potential offered therein by deep-time perspectives and indigenous oral histories, and on climate action research through creative practice, place-based research and other forms of engagement and participation. Our researchers are engaging with climate emergency themes through training, KE and within a research context. Running through all our activities is a strong commitment to interdisciplinary research. We would welcome applications that sit anywhere within these broad themes but also encourage applicants to explore linkages with existing research projects at one of our participating centres or research groups.  

Members of the cluster include the following centres and research groups: 

Abertay – School of Design and Informatics/Division of Games & Arts - Division of Games and Arts | Abertay University ( 

Highlands and Islands – Archaeology Institute; Creative Industries;  SILK - Society, Identity, Landscape and Knowledge Research Cluster; HARC - Humanities and Arts Research Cluster); Our Research Themes - Society, Identity, Landscape and Knowledge (; Our Research Themes - Humanities and Arts ( 

St Andrews - School of Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies; School of Modern Languages; STACEES Research Network for Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability; CAES – Centre for Ancient Environmental Studies. School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies - University of St Andrews (; School of Modern Languages - University of St Andrews (; STACEES; Centre for Ancient Environmental Studies ( 

Dundee – Centre for Scottish Studies; UNESCO centre for Water, Law, Policy and Science; School of Humanities Social Science and Law Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science | University of Dundee; History and Archives and Information Studies | University of Dundee;; School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law | University of Dundee 

Duncan Jordanstone - Design in Action (DiA) Knowledge Exchange Hub; Design and Making; Design in Action | University of Dundee ; Research in DJCAD | University of Dundee 

Gray’s School of Art (RGU) - Gray's School of Art | Academic Schools | RGU  

Glasgow – School of Humanities; Archaeology; Palaeoecology - University of Glasgow - Schools - School of Humanities | Sgoil nan Daonnachdan; University of Glasgow - Schools - School of Humanities | Sgoil nan Daonnachdan - Research in the School of Humanities - Archaeology Research