Heritage Hub

three juxtaposed photographs representing Scottish heritage concepts

First two images © Kirkcudbright History Society, ACCORD project, licensed under CC-BY

The SGSAH Heritage Hub focuses on the relationship between heritage, society and economy and the diverse ways that Arts and Humanities research can inform this through research impact and knowledge exchange. The SGSAH Heritage Hub aims to generate connections between doctoral researchers in Arts and Humanitiesthe heritage sector, and wider communities/publics who produce, negotiate and engage with heritage. The Hub delivers industry-focused events, KE training, networking and career development. It also supports SGSAH’s Collaborative Doctoral Awards and work-based learning opportunities within a UK and international context. 

The Hub defines heritage in its broadest sense as all the ways in which past legacies inform present and future societies, including tangible traces and intangible traditions, as well as accompanying records, visualisations and data informatics. This means we address everything from historic landscapes and built environments through to museum collections, archives and other memory institutions. The Hub also encompasses intangible heritage practices, stories and traditions and their complex relationships with tangible forms of heritage. Above all, it engages with unofficial and vernacular forms of heritage alongside authorised, institutionalised heritage.   

The Heritage Hub is jointly led by the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling by the Co-Directors Professor Lorna Hughes, Professor in Digital Humanities (Information Studies), University of Glasgow and Professor Siân Jones, Professor of Heritage (Division of History, Heritage and Politics), University of Stirling. 

Our Advisory Board plays a key role in the development of our programme of activities. Members include: 

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