EngagePlus: Experiencing live orchestral music through technology

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Project Description

Mobile technologies have given us access to content and creativity wherever we are, in the process, creating online communities of digital bricoleurs. Those same technologies, coupled with that sense of distributed digital creativity, offer potential for cultural organisations to reach out to audiences and involve them in new ways. Working with the RSNO, and building on its existing community education and engagement work, this project will develop and evaluate innovative new software tools to explore the ways in which technology can help all audiences engage with, and participate in, live and recorded orchestral music.


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Student Name

James Scanlan

Academic History

2007-2009, BA (Hons) Creative Sound Production, Abertay University

2016-2017, MSc Applied Computing, University of Dundee


Professor Divya Jindal-Snape, University of Dundee

Dr Kenneth McAlpine, Abertay University

Research Interests

Real-time adaptive sound design, Non-verbal storytelling, Interactive music, Creative media tools, Software development, Human computer interaction

Previous Research Projects

Researching bespoke 3D game engine design and implementation as part of Computing MSc.

Research into sound and music for reactive space, incorporating technology into performance space. 


Professional Sound Designer for over 10 years. 1 BAFTA win, 5 BAFTA nominations, 10 International Film Awards


2009 – Approaches to Creating Real-Time Adaptive Music in Interactive Entertainment (Conference Paper: AES 35th International Conference)

Contact Details

School of Education and Social Work, University of Dundee, DD1 4HN



First published: 3 October 2017