Transmedia Afterlives of African Adventure Narratives

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Project Description

Adventure stories set in Africa have been popular in games, films, and comics, but carry the burden of colonial ideology and the imperial context in which Victorian writers created the genre. Using a transmedia approach, and drawing upon alternative narratives by Africans and female travellers held in local archives, this project combines academic research into the representation of Africa with a partnership-based methodology. Working closely with the games company BIOME Collective, a model for collaboration between academics and commercial entities that addresses these problematic representations, and creates new audiences and markets across a range of platforms, will be developed.


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Student Name

Fruzsina Pittner

Academic History

2013-2017, BA (Hons) Computer Arts


Nicole Devarenne, University of Dundee

Iain Donald, Abertay University

Research Interests

Arts, Computer Games, Literature

Contact Details

First published: 3 October 2017