Anastasia-Stavroula Valtadorou

University of Edinburgh

Eros, Euripides and a Re-evaluation of Greek Sexuality with Particular Reference to Alcestis, Andromache, Andromeda, Antigone and Helen 

Academic History:

2016 - 2019: PhD in Classics

2013 - 2016: Masters Degree in Ancient Greek Philosophy

2008 - 2013: Undergraduate Degree in Ancient, Medieval and Modern Greek Philology


Professor Douglas Cairns

Dr Richard Rawles

Research Interests:

  • Ancient Greek Tragedy
  • Greek Sexuality
  • Platonic Philosophy
  • Gender Studies
  • Reception Studies

Previous Research Projects:

MA Thesis: The Inclusive Character of Platonic Erotics in the Symposium 

Recent Scholarships and Awards:

  • SGSAH - AHRC DTP Studentship
  • SGSAH - Visiting Doctoral Researcher Fund
  • SGSAH - Cohort Development Grant/Small Award
  • Grant from the A. G. Leventis Foundation
  • College Research Award from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology (University of Edinburgh)
  • Research Student Support Fund from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology (University of Edinburgh)
  • Principal's Go Abroad Fund (University of Edinburgh)

Peer-Reviewed Publications in English:

The Interrelation between Rhesus and its Genuine Poet: A Problematic Case of Reception?, Distant Worlds Journal 1, 159-172 (Heidelberg, April 2016)

Recent Conferences:

Eros in Pieces (?): Redefining Tragic Eros With Particular References To Euripides’ Fragmentary Andromeda and Antigone, Presentation at the International Conference “Greek Drama V” (University of Vancouver, July 2017)

Platonic Philosophy As a Form of Psychotherapy: The Case of Plato’s Symposium, Presentation at the International Conference “Other Psychotherapies: Across Time, Space, and Cultures” (University of Glasgow, April 2017)

Hippolytus’ Neglect of Eros: A Dialogue between Euripides and Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love, Presentation at the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World (University of Oxford, December 2016)

Contact Details:

Address: University of Edinburgh, Teviot Place, Old Medival School, William Robertson Wing


First published: 25 September 2017