Thaddeus Thorp

University of Edinburgh

Beyond the Freedman: Social Mobility by commercial means among the freeborn in the Roman West

Academic History:

Oct 14 - June 15: Somerville College, Oxford - MSt. in Greek and Roman History, Distinction

Sept 2012 - June 2014: University of Liverpool - BA (Hons) Ancient History, First Class


Dr Ulrike Roth

Dr Lucy Grig

Research Interests:

My main focus is on the means and scale of social mobility in the ancient Roman west. This naturally extends to other features of Roman economic and social history, such as the relative positions of freeborn vs freed in Roman society, and the role of commerce and trade in the Roman economy.

Previous Research Projects:

My MSt dissertation studied the social mobility of the Pompeian fish sauce merchant Umbricius Scaurus


AHRC Postgraduate Studentship 2017-2020


Archibald Jackson Prize (Somerville College, 2015)

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First published: 25 September 2017