Anna McKay

University of Edinburgh

Philomela's Tapestry & Veronica's Cloth: Women Weaving & Wearing Textiles in Medieval English & Scottish Literature

Academic History:

2016 - current PhD English Literature, University of Edinburgh

2015 - 2016 MScR English Literature, Distinction, University of Edinburgh

2011 - 2015 MA (Hons) English Literature, First Class, University of Edinburgh


Dr Sarah Dunnigan

Dr David Salter

Research Interests:

My research considers the significance of textiles at the intersection between sacred & secular literary forms during the Middle Ages. Focusing primarily on depictions of St Veronica & Ovid’s Philomela, I explore the ways in which women engage in textile production specifically in medieval hagiography & romance, demonstrating feminised models of spiritual & artistic authority. I am also interested in folklore & fantasy literature, from the Breton lais of the Middle Ages to the works of Victorian writers such as George MacDonald, Adelaide Anne Procter, & Christina Rossetti.

Previous Research Projects:

Poets & Virgins: Christian Medievalism & Spiritual Authority in the Poetry of Adelaide Anne Procter & Christina Rossetti.

“This world fareþ as a Fantasye”: Folklore, Christian Belief, & the Imagination in Sir Degaré & Sir Amadace.

“A Sketch of Individual Development”: Medieval Romance, Dream Visions, & Spiritual Maturity in George MacDonald’s Phantastes.

“Hold me fast, & fear me not”: Vocality, Gender & Identity in Tales of Metamorphosis.


AHRC DTP Studentship 2015

University of Edinburgh UK/EU Masters Scholarship

Contact Details:

Address: 1.13, 50 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LH


First published: 14 November 2016