SGSAH Research Showcase

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities hosts an annual Doctoral Research Showcase to illustrate the innovative research being undertaken by arts & humanities doctoral researchers across Scotland. 

In the absence of a physical showcase in 2020-21, we launched a new Digital Showcase, Interconnected Scotland, to share the diverse, exciting and pioneering work of arts & humanities doctoral researchers. After a two year hiatus, the physical showcase returned in June 2022 at the Technology & Innovation Centre in Glasgow. Five diverse, exciting and pioneering projects were featured. Although the event has now passed, our PhD exhibitors shared a digital overview of their research which is now published on

Information about our forthcoming research showcase will be launched in Spring 2023. In the meantime, we hope you will join with us digitally to celebrate our students research, view and engage with their work and learn more about how the multiple perspectives of arts & humanities disciplines can help us to interpret an increasingly complex world.

Visit the Doctoral Research Showcase at, or click on the picture below. 

A screenshot of the SGSAH research webpage showing the digital 2022 showcase