Paul Malgrati

University of St Andrews

The Thistle looks at the bard. The legacy of Robert Burns & the political cultures of modern Scotland. 1890s - 2014

Academic History:

Bachelor degree from Sciences Po Paris (2014, "Cum Laude")

Master degree in Modern History from Science Po Paris (2016, "Cum Laude")


Professor Colin Kidd

Professor Robert Crawford

Research Interests:

Political cultures of Modern Scotland, The Burns movement in Modern Scotland, Poetry & politics in Modern Scotland, Unionist-nationalism in Modern Scotland, Socialism & Nationalism in Modern Scotland, Gender & masculinities’ history, French political history of the interwar.

Previous Research Projects:

Master dissertation: “On Flesh & Iron. Manliness & radical politics in 1920s & 1930s France. The cases of the French Communist Party & the French Popular Party.”


Ewan & Christine Brown Studentship (through St Andrews University)


“Mention très bien” (very good) for my Master dissertation.


An article about the Paris attacks (2015) in Georgio Agamben, Marcel Gauchet, Edgar Morin [] Résister à la terreur, La Tour d’aigues, Editions de l’aube, 2016.

Contact Details:

Address: 8 Playfair Terrace, St Andrews KY16 9HX

Work Tel No: 07713 180593


Website/Blogs: (About my Master Research in France - an english abstract is available)

First published: 14 November 2016