Orsolya Czere

University of Aberden

Diet from the Dark Ages to the Medieval State: a Diachronic Isotopic Study of Dietary Change in Scotland, from the Late Iron Age to the High Medieval Period

Academic History:

2007 - 2011 BA Systematic Biology & Ecology

2011 - 2015 MA Archaeology

2015 - 2016 MSc Bioarchaeology

2016 - 2019 PhD


Dr Kate Britton

Dr Gordon Noble

Research Interests:

Diet, mobility, stable isotopic analyses, Iron Age, Medieval & Post-medieval era.

Previous Research Projects:

  • Undergraduate research at the University of Aberdeen focusing on the reconstruction of both dietary habits (δ13C, δ15N, δ 34S) & mobility patterns (87Sr/86Sr, δ 18O) amongst individuals buried in a 5th/6th Century AD mass grave from Cramond, Edinburgh
  • Late Medieval dietary study on material from Marischal College, Aberdeen
  • MSc research at the University of York analysing survivorship in a post-medieval population from Halifax using dietary isotope data from serial sections of dentine

Contact Details:

Work Tel No: 07563 452834

Email: o.czere.11@aberdeen.ac.uk

First published: 14 November 2016