Tessa Buddle

University of Glasgow

Utopia on Tour: exploring a contingent dramaturgy of utopia in contemporary touring theatre

Academic History:

2016 - 2019 PhD Theatre Studies - University of Glasgow

2013 - 2015 MA Comtemporary Arts, Distinction - Manchester Metropolitan University

2003 - 2006 Ba (hons.) Theatre Studies. 1st Class - Lancaster University


Professor Deirdre Heddon

Dr Michael Bachmann - both Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow

Research Interests:

  • Practice-as-research
  • devising & collaboration
  • new dramaturgies
  • expressions of utopia in theatre & performance
  • participation & spectatorship
  • contemporary contexts for performance making & distribution

Previous Research Projects:

Reclaiming Utopia (conference paper, 2016, ‘Reclaiming the Radical’, Collective Encounters/LIPA)

Curating Utopia, or How to Resolve Disputes Over Fossil Fuels and Fences (conference paper/performance with Tim Anderson, 2016, ‘Expanded Practice & Curation as Creative Practice’, Axis Arts Centre/ MMU)

‘Yuletide Paradise’: a contingent dramaturgy of utopia (MA PaR project, 2013-15, MMU)

The Utopian Impulse in Contemporary Performance Practice (MA Dissertation, 2015, MMU)

Musicals, Mashups & Shakespeare: Stratford East’s Multicultural Era (BA Dissertation, 2006, Lancaster University)


Yuletide Paradise: A Guidebook, 2015, The Suitcase Ensemble

Contact Details:

Address: College of Arts, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Work Tel No: 07904 104739

Email: t.buddle.1@research.gla.ac.uk

First published: 10 November 2016