Laura Vattano

Published: 25 September 2015

Noise & Music in Russolo's Art of Noises

University of Edinburgh

Noise & Music in Russolo's Art of Noises

Academic History:

2014 - PhD in Italian Studies

2005 - 2007 Master's Degree in Music, specialization in Chamber Music

1997 - 2003 Master's Degree in History

1989 - 1999 Diploma in Piano


Professor Peter Dayan

Davide Messina

Research Interests:

  • Futurist Music
  • Twentieth century music history
  • Avant-garde art movements

Previous Research Projects:

  • "Futurist Music & the Second Sonata for Violin & Piano by George Antheil"
  • "Broadcasting a Coup: The role of Radio Liberación in the Coup d'État in Guatemala in 1954”


AHRC DTP Studentship


Premio OPTIME Award 2003-2004 for study merits granted by “Unione Industriale di Torino”


“Il Guatemala del 1954: esordi della psywar.” (“Guatemala in 1954: the Beginnings of Psywar.”) Passato e Presente – Contemporary History Magazine, No. 63 (September-December 2004). Year XXII, Publisher Franco Angeli Editore, Florence

First published: 25 September 2015