Acknowledging funding support

It is a condition of funding that our logo be used where we have supported an event.  Logos should be used on websites, publications, publicity and other materials for SGSAH funded projects. Set out below are some simple guidelines showing how we would like our logo to appear in any publicity. The SGSAH logo must be used consistently across corporate materials. Please adhere to these guidelines and if you have any queries contact

Summary guidelines

•    Where possible use the colour logo on a light plain background
•    Only use the reverse logo on plain dark backgrounds
•    Never overlay the logo onto a patterned or montaged background
•    Do not adjust the aspect ratio or colour of the logo
•    For printed publication use an EPS version; for web use PNG file format
•    Do not place logo on over complicated backgrounds or colours which weaken its legibility
•    Do not use logo as a repeat pattern, create additional borders or outlines.

To download the SGSAH logos please go to the SGSAH Dropbox here. 

Below is the full colour master logo with Gaelic. Where space and output method permits, it is used in preference to the other variants.  

SGSAH Gaelic logo

Brand Marque

Our brand marque is a strong solid structure which stylishly represents the character and diversity of the Scottish Graduate School for Art & Humanities. Never try to redraw or recreate our brand marque. Always use authorised artwork supplied directly from us.

Colour Marque

The Colour Marque is the primary marque and should be used whenever possible. It must only be used on a black or white background. The colour values are as follows:


•    Black - C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=90
•    Yellow - C=0 M=24 Y=56 K=0
•    Red - C=11 M=73 Y=74 K=2
•    Purple - C=61 M=96 Y=34 K=22
•    Teal - C=65 M=29 Y=33 K=1
•    Light Teal - C=30 M=15 Y=24 K=0

Digital / On Screen

•    Black - #202020 R32 G32 B32
•    Yellow - #FFBB77 R255 G194 B112
•    Red - #DD6644 R214 G101 B75
•    Purple - #550088 R78 G8 B131
•    Teal - #669999 R97 G150 B160
•    Light Teal - #B4CCC9 R180 G204 B201

Mono Marque

The Mono Marque must only be used for all applications where colour is not an option. Please use the Colour Marque wherever possible.
Marque on white
•    Text - C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=90
•    Bars - C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=30
Mono version of SGSAH logo

Incorrect use

The examples show certain incorrect uses of our brand marque. They show how deviation from the guidelines can weaken the impact of our brand clarity. Always use care and common sense when applying our brand marque.

  • Do not resize any element of the marque
  • Do not place the logo on a ‘busy’ or distracting background
  • Make sure that you never stretch or condense the brand marque elements
  • Do not place the marque on a similar coloured background
  • Do not distort the logo
  • Do not change the colour of the marque.

Image showing examples of logo used incorrectly

Relationship with other logos and branding

Where more than one logo is applied, make sure that they are equally spaced and sized either all in colour or in black & white. We suggest, where multiple logos are required, they are placed together with equal emphasis. When using the logo on your publications or website you could add a line such as ‘’xxxxxx is supported by’’ or ‘’xxxxxx is funded by’’ before the SGSAH logo. This will ensure the reader is aware of our presence. If you require a description of the SGSAH to explain further our function and our presence in your marketing or PR materials please contact

AHRC & SFC logo use

The SGSAH is funded by the AHRC & SFC; therefore it is mandatory to use the AHRC and SFC logos in conjunction with the SGSAH logo. Please see an example below how the AHRC and SFC logos should be displayed alongside the SGSAH logo.  

SGSAH AHRC SFC Logos Combined

For direct guidelines from the AHRC and SFC please refer to the webpages below:

AHRC guidelines here   AHRC logo

SFC guidelines here  SFC Gaelic logo‌ 

Contacts us

If you have any queries about the use of our logo or require digital files please get in touch with us at