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The SGSAH Research Blog features regular weekly posts dealing with the trials and triumphs of life as a doctoral researcher within the arts and humanities in Scotland. As well as insight from our resident blogger, guest bloggers will share their varied experiences of the PhD process.

The SGSAH Research Blog can be found here:

The blog engages with the SGSAH cohort to discuss what it means to be a doctoral researcher within the arts and humanities in Scotland today. We engage with all doctoral researchers within the arts and humanities in Scotland, funded and unfunded, full and part-time, all are welcome!

Guest bloggers
We welcome guest bloggers to engage with the issues surrounding life as a doctoral researcher which are important to you. Currently, the SGSAH blog is run by Beth Price, a first-year PhD researcher based at the University of Edinburgh. Beth's research focuses on the female body in media, arts, and popular science in Republican China (1910s – 1949), looking at the interaction and tension between culture and science when it comes to gender roles and ideas of femininity. If you have an idea for a guest post, get in touch with her at And don't forget to check out the blog's twitter page @sgsahblog.

Why should doctoral researchers blog about their research?

  • It provides a home for things reluctantly cut from publications
  • It allows early feedback on ideas and try them out for the first time in public
  • It allows the exchange of early thoughts with others working on the issues that concern students
  • It provides a platform to share struggles with others who are going through the same thing