SGSAH Doctoral Training Partnership Studentships 2022: Equalities and Ring-fenced Studentships

Ring-fenced Studentships

In accordance with UKRI and AHRC policy, permissible positive action is being applied to the 2022 SGSAH DTP Open Studentships, following a review of SGSAH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) application and award data from previous years.

For the 2022 competition, SGSAH is making available *at least* three ring-fenced studentships for applicants from UK Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. These 3 ring-fenced studentships represent a *minimum* recruitment, with no maximum.

In terms of process, applicants will continue to complete the Equalities Monitoring Form, which is not seen by Panel Reviews. Applicants will also complete a Yes/No tick box to detail whether they are applying for one of the ring-fenced studentships. This tick box will not be seen by Panel Reviews, who will score and rank applicants using the existing assessment criteria but will be made available to the final ranking meeting of Executive members.

Equalities Statement

SGSAH intends to ensure equity of experience and opportunity to access funded studentships, in alignment with our existing Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policy. Specifically, SGSAH’s EDI within the assessment process of funded studentship schemes includes:

  • Applications are assessed anonymously, with Institutional Statements using ‘they’ pronouns throughout to avoid unconscious bias in terms of gender and ethnicity
  • Qualifications are reviewed by the SGSAH team rather than panel reviewers, to avoid institutional bias
  • A section of the applicant form for ‘Relevant Professional Experience’ is available in order to provide a level playing field for applicants with unrelated, dated or no Masters qualifications but who have demonstrably relevant professional experience
  • For the 2022 competition, ring-fenced studentships for BAME applicants are introduced
  • SGSAH will deliver online application support sessions specifically aimed at those from under-represented backgrounds.
  • All panel reviewers receive EDI and unconscious bias training

Download our Ring-fencing 2021 Equality Impact Assessment  (PDF, 46KB)

First published: 18 October 2021

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