Homestretch: creative workshops for social, recuperative space during Lockdown

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This new year, doctoral researchers are invited to a brand new series of events developed in partnership with SGSSS and led by Beth Cross of UWS.

This winter with increased lockdown measures, research and studies can begin to feel like a marathon. The natural breaks we could often take that re-energised the focussed work we do occur less frequently in our current circumstances and this can take a toll. These sessions are designed to help get you through the homestretch. They are an opportunity for some creative playful time off task that can bring us back better in mind and body and even inspired.  

The sessions are not meant to have direct bearing on your research but are designed to encourage the conditions that may lead to “eureka” moments by giving you an opportunity to talk about your work in a non-judgemental space, explore ways to take different perspectives on what may seem over-familiar, and take stock of your work in your wider life interests and aspirations.  That said, we will be using a range of creative methods that are increasingly being incorporated into research, so you may find it a space to explore and develop the creative side of your developing research portfolio.

Session Times: 2:00-2:45  Wednesdays from 20 Jan-10 March 2021, seeing us through the grey tail end and into brighter times.  Come to as many or as few as you can manage.

Session Requirements: we’ll be doing some moving about so give yourself an undisturbed space with a little room.  Some sessions we invite you to roam outside and share what you find.  If you have questions about accessibility or approach please contact 

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Take some time now to unwind and create some interior space by listening to this 8-minute guided stretch led by Beth Cross: 

First published: 26 January 2021

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