Maximalism vs Minimalism: Approaches to practice-research

Published: 11 May 2023

A collaborative workshop exploring a spectrum of approaches to form, process and positionality in practice-research.

Thursday 20th of June

14:00 - 16:00

RM225 - Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Dr Maria Sledmere and Dr Kevin Leomo

About this Session

Are you an under-writer or over-writer? Do you struggle with editing, or simply getting work on the page? Are you drawn to elaborate assemblages of post-it notes or do you prefer clean, sequential outlines? Does your work approach an ambitious, broad and interdisciplinary scale, or is it more specific and focused? This workshop offers ‘minimalism and maximalism’ as a spectrum for thinking about process, positionality and form in practice-based research.

Kevin Leomo and Maria Sledmere will argue their cases for minimalism and maximalism by presenting a range of art, music and literary texts and commenting on their respective approaches to practice-based research.

With a mix of discussion, solo writing and group collaboration, this is an interactive workshop which will get you thinking about how you make work, respond to the work of others, build-in impact and opportunities for responsive engagement.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand minimalism and maximalism as divergent approaches to practice-based research in order to stimulate discussion about process, method and form
  • Have explored a range of practice-based projects across art, music, performance and literature by way of their relationship to minimalism or maximalism
  • Reflect upon their (potentially intersecting) research positionality
  • Encounter collaborative approaches which may involve sharing ideas, methods, outcomes across disciplines and practices
  • Have considered how to build in impact and public engagement as part of their research design
  • Consolidate approaches to composing, editing and sharing research with an audience or research community in mind

Who might be interested?

PhD researchers engaging in practice-research at any stage who have an interest in collaborative research, practice, and/or projects and are keen to explore their positionality in their writing and work, while considering notions of public engagement and impact.

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First published: 11 May 2023


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