Histories of the Present: Developing Researcher Reflexivity

Tuesday 22nd of June

2.30 - 5pm

Dr Stephen Greer, University of Glasgow

Dr Steve Greer is senior lecturer in Theatre Practices at the University of Glasgow where his work focuses on the intersection of queer theory and contemporary performance. He’s the author of two books on performance - Contemporary British Queer Performance (2012) and Queer exceptions: solo performance in neoliberal times (2018) - and writes broadly about cultural politics. He currently holds an AHRC Leadership Fellowship for his Live Art in Scotland project which aims to combine oral histories and archival research in uncovering a neglected history of experimental performance in Scotland. For more, see liveartscotland.org.  

About this Session

This workshop explores strategies for bringing archival and other historical forms of research (including oral histories and interviews) into conversation with contemporary issues and contexts. It does so by focusing on the demands and possibilities of reflexivity in qualitative research - that is, by considering one’s own situatedness within research processes and outcomes, and the ways in which our own life histories and experiences might usefully shape the forms of knowledge that are produced. In doing so, it also explores how insights from queer, feminist and decolonial thinking might inform strategies for knowledge exchange and dissemination, and serve to expand the perspectives which are typically reflected in scholarly work.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, paricipants will have:

  • been introduced to key principles and challenges of reflexivity in qualitative research within the arts and humanities
  • explored strategies for placing archival and other forms of historical research in conversation with contemporary issues and contexts
  • outlined a plan for knowledge exchange or dissemination activities informed by elements of archival or other historical research.

Who might be interested?

This session will be of particular interest to doctoral researchers in the arts and humanities whose research methods include - or would like to include - archival sources, and/or who are seeking to develop skills of critical reflexivity in their research.

Event contact: stephen.greer@glasgow.ac.uk 

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First published: 26 May 2021