Coming Through Covid—what has happened to me and my PhD during lockdown?

Thursday 24th of June

2.30 - 4.30pm

Dr Beth Cross, University of the West of Scotland


Beth Cross, with an MSc in African Studies and PhD in Sociology of Education from the University of Edinburgh, has been researching the interface between formal and informal learning contexts for the last fifteen years and is particularly interested in dialogic methods of exploring learner identities, strategies and trajectories.  Her interests include deliberative democracy, and service user voice and participation in health, social services and education. She has taught in the areas of community education, social policy and children’s services in England and Scotland and worked with a number of creative interdisciplinary projects that involve visual and dramatic arts in order to expand the modalities for deliberation and participation.

About this Session

This is a co-inquiry session, where, using some creative practices we explore our experience of this extraordinary time we’ve lived through. Much has happened in the last 15 months. COVID-19 has had consequences for ourselves, our study and our future work. Some have grieved, some have hibernated, some have renovated, some discovered connections and extended networks. Each placed different demands on us and all are part of the emerging story of living during the pandemic.  

What culture shifts, seen and less visible are happening?  Particularly are there culture shifts around mental health? It is hard to dissolve the stigma associated with mental health and seeking support—are we learning anything about this through this time? The workshop is a space to be curious about what a health supporting PGR community could be. This workshop draws on the Homestretch sessions offered this winter, based on the theory that playful activities can sometimes prompt serious insights and discoveries at depth.  This form of inquiry is resonant with critical social materialist and post humanist insights. Participants are warmly invited to join us where embodied and imaginative stretching creates a space to let us be surprised by what we can articulate and recognise in each other's stories of our lockdown journeys.  The session is part of a longer co-inquiry process contributing to resources to support the PGR community in Scotland going forward.

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First published: 27 May 2021