SGSAH launches GREEN/GRADUATE Strategy and Operations Plan

Published: 22 April 2022

SGSAH recognises the existential nature of the climate crisis and the need for profound changes in everyone's behaviour. As the world's first national graduate school for the arts and humanities, we are uniquely placed to leverage the intellectual and creative power of our doctoral community and beyond to tackle the climate emergency. In our Strategy and Operations Plan, we outline how SGSAH will develop itself as a GREEN/GRADUATE School. Read more.

In the context of climate crisis and in the push for environmental sustainability, SGSAH is developing itself as a GREEN/GRADUATE school. The aims behind this are to:

  • Interrogate our own operational processes and develop environmentally sustainable policy and processes.
  • Advance thinking around the role of arts and humanities research, particularly at PhD/ECR researcher level, including within the environmental arts and humanities and in interdisciplinary terms.
  • Leverage SGSAH’s status as a national graduate school to take a leading position in addressing the challenges of climate crisis.
  • Align SGSAH with external drivers from funders, including the AHRC/UKRI, the SFC, and the Scottish Government.

As part of our Earth Day celebrations on 22 April 2022, we published our GREEN/GRADUATE Strategy and Operations Plan. This plan sets out how we are going to develop as a GREEN/GRADUATE school in the context of the current and post-COVID-19 environment.

The current Strategy and Operations Plan is an agreed document at January 2022, but will be regularly reviewed. Consultation has included the following groups and events:

  • Scottish GREEN/GRADUATE School for Arts & Humanities School Summer School Workshop: PhD researchers (June 2020)
  • Scottish GREEN/GRADUATE School for Arts & Humanities Workshop: PhD researchers (March 2021)
  • SGSAH Board members (March 2021)
  • SGSAH Executive members (June and December 2021)
  • Doctoral Researcher Committee (November 2021)

Read the plan: 


First published: 22 April 2022

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