FilmLab: International Cinema in Dialogue - Pre-launch Event for the UoG, College of Arts funded project

Wednesday 6th July 2022
3 - 5pm

Martina Saric, David Lothian & Jonathan Atkinson (University of Glasgow)

Martina Saric is a PhD researcher in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. Her work focuses on cross-disciplinary modes of exploration of sensorial types of knowledge. She is interested in collaborative practices across the field of humanities. She is currently working on setting up a programme for the FilmLab launch in September of 2022.

David Lothian is a PhD researcher at the College of Arts at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on representations of autistic physicality in visual media; with reference to screen performance theory, autoethnography, and Neuro-divergent self-advocacy culture. David is one of the main collaborators in the FilmLab project.

Jonathan Atkinson is a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow. His research title is: 'How might an engagement with politically charged contemporary psychoanalytic film theory energise radical British film culture?'. 

This panel discusses the exciting launch of a new cross-disciplinary FilmLab research cluster based at the University of Glasgow, formed in collaboration with researchers in film and literature within the College of Arts.

This event will provide insights into our exciting plans and programme of screenings and talks, for the launch of FilmLab research cluster in September 2022. We will talk about the opportunities for collaboration, networking, and cross-disciplinary impact for Scottish and international students working across the field of humanities. With our project, we propose closer academic interactions amongst fields and disciplines of film, literature, philosophy, creative writing, and visual arts.

Of interest to PGR/PhD students in all disciplines in arts and humanities.

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First published: 7 June 2022