Worlding Worlds: 2-day Workshop (Day 2)

Tuesday 5th July 2022
10am - 1pm

Dr Dave Loder (The Glasgow School of Art) 

Dr Dave Loder is an award-winning interior designer, visual artist, and spatial researcher, and currently teaches on both BA(Hons) and MDes Interior Design programs, as well as lecturing/supervising across GSA. Dave is also Course Leader for the Worlding Fictions & Fictional Worlds Elective and convenes the cross-school Worlding Matters reading group. Dave holds a practise-based doctorate in spatial research from the Belfast School of Art, and has presented research projects nationally and internationally, including the Venice Biennale and Documenta. Current research focuses on digital intimacy, the imaging of space and the infrastructural conditions of the domestic interior. Dave is currently PhD Coordinator for the Mackintosh School of Architecture.

This 2-day workshop explores the key concept of feminist worlding, through innovative world-building methodologies that interrogate sources of bias and inequalities in a range of encounters, to inform arts and humanities enquiry. 

“it matters what stories tell stories, it matters what thoughts think thoughts, it matters what worlds world worlds” (Donna Haraway 2014)

To world is to make worlds; worlds world. In this workshop you will collaboratively construct a fictional or imaginary world through a series of exercises and discussions, a world of radical otherness. In the making of an imaginary world, you will be re-making the present world, seeking to challenge, unravel and potentially un-learn the existing ways of knowing and being in the world. Through an innovative feminist world-making practice, the structural and material underpinnings of bias and inequality will be revealed. The aim of this workshop is to explore material relations of being to thinking, or more specifically, to propose practices of making and living from which new or alternative ways of knowing can emerge.

This session will be of particular interest to Postgraduate, Masters and PhD students and practice-based researchers in all disciplines of the arts and humanities who undertake enquiry in feminist contexts, material cultures and creative practices.

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First published: 7 June 2022