SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher Showcase: Scotland and Europe Research Collaborations

Thursday 7th July 2022
11am - 4pm

This research showcase highlights the work of talented researchers, who are taking part in SGSAH’s SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher Scheme. The Scheme has seen PhD and Early Career Researchers travel between Scotland, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. We will hear directly from our SFC Saltire Emerging Researchers about their international exchange projects and their collaborations with European partner institutions.  

The panels will showcase the research collaborations which the Scheme has enabled and will offer an informative and engaging overview of the individual projects, and of the possibilities of European mobility. The SFC Saltire Emerging Researchers also highlight new international partners and networks, and will bring into focus the importance of knowledge exchange and highlight successful approaches to cross-cultural and interdisciplinary work.  

Format: 3 research seminars 

Platform: Zoom (recorded sessions)   

Note: You can use the same link to sign for all three panels or can join the preferred sessions. 


Creative Economies 

Moderator: Martina Sarić 

11.00-11.10: Claire Squires: Welcome & Introduction

11.15-11.30: Hailey Austin (HEI: University of Dundee – Exchange Host: Stockholm University, Sweden):

‘Star Stable and Stockholm’s Female-Forward Creative Industries’ 

11.30-11.45: Ema Bašić (HEI: University of Zadar, Croatia – Exchange Host: University of Glasgow):

‘Comparison between rural creative industries in Scotland and Croatia’ 

11.45-12.00: Chiara Bullen (HEI: University of Stirling – Exchange Host: University of Münster, Germany):

‘Culture v. Commerce in the UK Publishing Industry’  

12.00-12.15: Tessa Ratuszynska (HEI: University of the West of Scotland – Exchange Host: Malmö University, Sweden):

‘With These Hands: Explorations of consent & bodily autonomy for contributors and audiences inside Virtual Reality documentary’ 

Audience Questions: 12.15-12.30 

Lunch Break: 12.30-13.00 



Cultural Heritage, Networks and Participation 

Moderator: Benjamin Redman 

13.00-13.15: Beatrice Bersani (HEI: University of Edinburgh – Exchange Host: University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès, France):

‘The Colours of the Ancient Gods between Poetry and Network Analysis’ 

13.15-13.30: Tamsin Prideaux (HEI: University of Edinburgh – Exchange Host: Ca Foscari University of Venice, Italy):

‘Mapping Migrant Spaces in Seventeenth-century Venice’ 

13.30-13.45: Amy Tait Westwell (HEI: University of St Andrews – Exchange Host: University of Limerick, Ireland):

‘History and Workers Education in Scotland and Ireland’ 

13.45-14.00: Elizabeth Robson (HEI: University of Stirling – Exchange Host: University of Oslo, Norway):

‘Community participation and the ‘new goals’ of heritage management: Policy and practice in Norway and Scotland’ 

Q&A: 14.00-14.15 

Afternoon break: 14.15-14.30 



Communities, Borders, Environment 

Moderator: TBC 

14.30-14.45: Jeremy Hawkins (HEI: University of Glasgow – Exchange Host: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands):

'Written Space: Literary Tools for Spatial Design' 

14.45-15.00: Anastasia Philimonos (HEI: University of Edinburgh – Exchange Host: Karlsruhe University of Arts & Design, Germany):

‘Materialising, Dematerialising, Rematerialising Borders: Contemporary Art Against Dividing Lines’ 

15.00-15.15: Fred Carter (HEI: University of Edinburgh – Exchange Host: Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), Netherlands):

‘Transitional Waters: Infrastructures, Sediments, & Brackish Methods in the Estuarine Field’ 

15.15-15.30: Benjamin Redman (HEI: The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) – Exchange Host: Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE), Norway):

‘The use of emerging low-latency technologies to facilitate remote instrumental music teaching, rehearsing, and performing in education contexts’ 

15.30-15.45: Nikki Kane (HEI: University of Edinburgh – Exchange Host: University of Bergen, Norway):

‘Artist-run initiatives: practice and policy’ 

Q&A: 15.45-16.00 

Closing remarks 


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First published: 7 June 2022