Discipline+ Catalyst Event - Building in Impact to your Research

Issued: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 10:20:32 BST

Event Date: 27/11

Registration Deadline: 20/11

Location: 4.2 Lister Learning & Teaching Centre, University of Edinburgh

The event is open to all Linguistics/English language PhD researchers within SGSAH consortium HEI institutions.

From the beginning of the PhD on, academic researchers need to be aware of how to build pathways to impact into their research plans. For students with funding from an SGSAH AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership studentship, a plan for knowledge exchange, public engagement and impact will already have been part of their proposal, and delivering on those plans will be a short to medium-term objective. Any current PhD student who is thinking forward to postdoctoral fellowships or other research projects will also need to be thinking from the outset of how to build a path to impact into their planning. This workshop will be designed specifically to promote such strategic thinking, and to give guidance specific to research in linguistics, broadly construed.

The workshop will be targeted specifically for the challenges and opportunities for impact and engagement relating to linguistics, but will include discussion and material relevant to different subareas within that field

The cost of travel to and from the event will be reimbursed. Enquiries can be directed to pgawards@ed.ac.uk

Click here to register: https://linguisticsdc-build-impact.eventbrite.co.uk