PGR Writing Workshop

Issued: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 15:34:00 GMT

Deadline 11/3/19

Funded by the SGSAH Cohort Development Fund and the English Research Fund at Strathclyde, the British Animal Studies Network's poet-in-residence Susan Richardson will be leading a writing workshop in advance of the next BASN meeting. This workshop will be held at the University of Strathclyde on 26 April from 11.00-1.00, followed by lunch for all participants, and the BASN meeting will follow directly, beginning at 2.00.

The writing workshop is free but attendees must register to attend the BASN meeting to confirm a place. The cost of registration for the BASN meeting for PGRs for the two days (with lunch on Saturday 27th April included) is £25 before 11 March and £30 after that date.

This year's BASN meeting is titled 'Emotion' and brings together speakers from animal welfare science, film studies, anthropology, literary studies, human geography, history and beyond. Papers focus on range of responses to the meeting's title, including interspecies attunement and police dog training, insect melodrama, joy in children's animal fiction, and the architecture of euthanasia. Full details of the meeting and a link to register can be found at