Alchemy Film & Arts

Issued: Fri, 03 Aug 2018 11:01:00 BST



Alchemy Film & Arts was founded in 2010. We celebrate the creative, innovative and thought-provoking in experimental film and artists’ moving image. Our aim is to reach and engage with both national and international filmmakers and moving-image artists, and to bring their work to the attention of the widest possible audience, working to the benefit of the Scottish Borders and its unique communities. Our outputs include an annual film festival, a year-round exhibitions programme, artist commissions, residencies, touring programmes and, from summer 2019, a community filmmaking initiative: Film Town.


Hawick (please note assistance may be available for travel and accomodation, contact us at for more information)


Flexible (All residencies comprise of a maximum of three months FTE to be taken within this timescale.)

Project Description

This opportunity, partnered with Scottish Borders Archives and Hawick Film and Video Group, invites an inquisitive and motivated individual to uncover, reinterpret, preserve and project Hawick’s unique film archive.

Alchemy aims to reconnect Hawick’s communities with largely unseen and gradually degrading footage, highlighting the importance of film to the heritage and visualisation of Hawick’s past and present, reestablishing a pride of place as we look towards a Hawick that can have culture at the core of its ongoing regeneration.

Working closely with Alchemy Film & Arts, the researcher is invited to delve into more than 40 film reels kept in the Scottish Borders Archive’s Heritage Hub, work with Hawick Film and Video Group (established in the 1960s) and their undigitised archive of Hawick Pictorials, and with Alchemy’s own more recent archive of locally made films ranging from Jacques Perconte’s Ettrick (2015) to Rhona Mühlebach’s The River, The Horse and The Woman (2019).

'The artist in residence will have the opportunity to curate a programme, or other research output, to be screened, presented or exhibited at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2020, supported by the Alchemy Film & Arts team.