Discipline+ Catalyst Event: The Politics of Form

Issued: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 11:03:00 BST

Event Date: 19/11

Registration Deadline: 14/11

Location: Dalhousie Building 1S10, University of Dundee

'Broadening our definition of form to include social arrangements has … immediate methodological consequences. The traditionally troubling gap between the form of the literary text and its content and context dissolves. Formalist analysis turns out to be as valuable to understanding sociopolitical institutions as it is to reading literature'.

Caroline Levine, Forms (2015)

This SGSAH Catalyst+ Literatures training event will focus on the relationship between the world and the text through the notion of form. It will be led by three questions:

What role does form play in (intersectional) analysis, when the conventional distinctions between formalisms and historicisms has seemingly broken down?

How does form feature in the experience of reading, in both critical thinking and affect?

How might doctoral students best take form into account in their analyses of the works of others, and equally in the shapes taken by their own critical responses?

This training day will include workshops, as well as contributions from Professor David James (University of Birmingham) and (virtually) Professor Caroline Levine (Cornell University). It will be facilitated by Dr Heather Yeung and Professor Mark Robson (University of Dundee).

Participants will be given details of advance preparation after registration.

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