SGSAH Discipline+ Catalysts

Through our Knowledge Exchange Hubs and Discipline+ Catalysts SGSAH delivers training events from academic, industry and third sector experts designed specifically for doctoral researchers in the arts and humanities.

SGSAH’s Knowledge Exchange Hubs build connections between doctoral researchers in arts and humanities, society and the economy. They deliver industry-focused training events in collaboration with our industry partners across the creative arts, heritage and third sectors. There are three KE Hubs, each with different sectoral focus. All of the Hubs will be delivering year-round training events. All events are free to attend and in most cases travel expenses will be met.

The primary aim of Discipline+ Catalysts is to plan and deliver ongoing training events that draw on and speak to disciplinary expertise and innovation across the SGSAH’s 16 HEI members. Members of the Catalysts are drawn from SGSAH members relevant to their PhD programme delivery.

To support the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of disciplines, Catalysts offer methodological and thematic training at the leading edges of arts and humanities and drive cross- and interdisciplinary collaborations with sciences and social sciences. 

Each Catalyst:

  • Plans and delivers an annual training programme
  • Identifies disciplinary expertise and resources across the membership and devises mechanisms to share these with doctoral researchers across Scotland
  • Identifies gaps in training available to doctoral researchers in that discipline and collaborate on addressing these
  • Innovates training in the discipline
  • Drives collaboration with Science and Social Science sectors
  • Supports doctoral researcher-led, cross-consortium disciplinary activities through the award of Cohort Development Funding
  • Creates a disciplinary cohort where doctoral researchers across Scotland feel supported. Catalysts are open to all doctoral researchers, irrespective of their funding source
  • Collates and publishes annually for the SGSAH AHRC DTP a Directory of Academic Supervisors

Discipline+ Catalysts will be open to all doctoral researchers in arts and humanities across our 16 HEIs. We encourage doctoral researchers to sign up as members to Catalysts, so that they receive targeted information about particular Catalysts’ activities. There is no charge for attending Catalyst events and SGSAH will reimburse travel costs where these are incurred.

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