Workshop on participant recruitment in the arts and humanities – Call for interest

Workshop on participant recruitment in the arts and humanities – Call for interest

Issued: Thu, 09 May 2019 09:08:00 BST

CDF Deadline: 13/5

Researchers in planning for a workshop on participant recruitment in the arts and humanities have published a call for interest for joining their team of organisers ahead of a proposed SGSAH Cohort Development Fund bid.

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the use of empirical research methods across the entire spectrum of the arts and humanities. Irrespective of our specific discipline, researchers face similar challenges when it comes to recruiting participants for quantitative (experiments, surveys) and qualitative studies (interviews, case studies). Despite the range of online and offline recruitment channels that different universities and departments have in place, many struggle to find the most efficient way of recruiting sufficiently large, representative or highly specific groups of informants.

The organisers are planning an interdisciplinary two-day workshop which critically explores current ways and practices of recruiting participants, not only within academia but also within the wider range of institutions relevant to arts and humanities researchers such as institutions pertaining to the heritage sector (museums, libraries, and theatres, inter alia). They also aim to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of different online recruitment mechanisms, such as crowd-sourcing platforms (e.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk, Prolific) and social media.

The workshop is still at an exploratory stage and the organisers are 1) gauging interest among fellow researchers who would like to participate in a workshop of this kind and have specific questions that they would wish to see addressed, and 2) seeking fellow researchers who are interested in joining our team of organisers. Most crucially, they aim to apply for Cohort Development Funding in the near future and therefore require at least one other researcher at an institution other than the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow who would like to collaborate on the project.

If you are interested in joining our workshop team or have additional ideas please get in touch with (Alexandra) or (James) or (Tobias).