SGSAH Heritage & History Product Forge

SGSAH Heritage & History Product Forge

Issued: Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:09:00 BST

Event Date: 30/5/19 - 2/6/19

Location: Stirling

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities (SGSAH) is working in partnership with Product Forge and Historic Environment Scotland to deliver Scotland’s first heritage and history hackathon.

The event aims to introduce SGSAH students to heritage professionals, entrepreneurs and the tech community to develop innovative digital products that maximise the long-term value of Scotland’s historic assets.

Over the course of the four-day event, SGSAH students will form teams with other participants. The teams will work together to propose and develop new digital solutions for the heritage sector, harnessing the breadth of knowledge drawn from academic, professional, entrepreneurial and technical perspectives.

Teams will be supported by a range of specially selected mentors, who offer an extensive range of experience and broad collective knowledge base.

Historic Environment Scotland, the public body responsible for Scotland’s historic environment, is releasing exclusive data sets to open up the possibilities for exciting new developments arising from the event.

A series of talks and workshops will take place over the course of the event providing SGSAH students with support for skills development as well as presenting valuable networking and knowledge exchange opportunities.

If you want to help shape the future of Scotland’s heritage sector, sign up now.

Contributions towards accommodation and travel may also be available. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

Outline Schedule

Thursday: Team Formation

  • Register with your chosen track
  • Form a team of 4 people or fewer
  • Choose people with complementary skills and not just people you know
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea yet, that’s what tomorrow is all about

1700 - Doors open
1800 - Dinner & networking
1900 - Introductory talks
1930 - Team formation (plan for late finish)
2130 - Team check-in

Friday: Research

  • Speak to the experts and identify a problem you’d like to tackle
  • Propose a solution and ensure it’s something your team can build
  • Be able to articulate the problem in depth and back up your assertions with hard data

0930 - Team check-in
1000 - Rolling track & tech talks
1730 - Team check-in
1900 - Special announcements

Saturday: Prototyping

  • We’re looking for working technical prototypes
  • Please don’t use your own prior IP but feel free to leverage APIs and open source
  • If you can’t complete your working prototype be prepared to outline a technical roadmap

0930 - Team check-in
1730 - Team check-in
1900 - Special announcements

Sunday: Presentations

  • Prepare a 2.5 minute presentation with slides
  • You will practice this presentation twice before delivering to a panel of experts in the evening
  • Projects are judged on relevancy, technical excellence, user experience and the business case

0930 - Team check-in & first presentation practice
1200 - Deadline for name changes
1230 - Second presentation practice
1600 - Deadline for project submissions & team photos, tech-checks begin
1700 - Guests arrive
1800 - Final presentations
2040 - Prize giving (plan for 2100-2115 finish)
2115 - Close