On the Border of Art and Teaching in the Multilingual World

On the Border of Art and Teaching in the Multilingual World

Issued: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 16:21:00 BST

18 June 2018 at Milk Cafe, 452 Victoria Road, Glasgow G42 8YU

The workshop On the Border of Art and Language Teaching in the Multilingual World has been organised as part of the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities Cohort Development Fund Programme to explore how art-based methods are and can be used as research tools and as pedagogy.

The event will be of interested to teachers and students of languages, linguistics, museum studies, sociology, art education and art and those who are seeking progressive interdisciplinary methods tailored to the needs of specific social groups, including, for example, adult ESOL learners who constitute significantly different research group than children, young adults, and students.

Our aims are:

  • To learn about using artistic inquiry for research - how we could use artistic enquiry to establish a better understanding of multilingualism itself, about the process of language learning (becoming multilingual) and a language learner (being/becoming a multilingual language speaker)
  • To learn how and what art and art-based teaching activities could be used to support the process of language learning in the multilingual context

In order to achieve this, we invited artists, teachers, children and adult ESOL and foreign languages learners to attend the workshop so that the initial ideas and examples presented by our invited speakers can be tested, explored, evaluated and debated not only by academics but also by artists, language teachers and learners themselves. By placing the actual experience of the new speakers att he centre of the learning process, we hope to invert traditional models and be led by the learners/speakers themselves. We expect to identify models of practice which are more effective than those which are currently used.

The project will discuss examples of the art-practice and the New Speaker Studio in particular as existing and potential models of research and pedagogy of languages, in university, school and community situations. 'The New Speaker Studio' is an interesting example of how an artistic means of expression can be used in a non-artistic context. The entire workshop aims to be a tangible example of interdisciplinary cooperation and use of art beyond art-context.

The exhibition accompanying the workshop will be providing the insight into the process of artistic enquiry into language acquisition, inspiration and source material for potential art-based language learning activities (pedagogy).

More information and programme can be found here - https://artandlanguagelearning.wordpress.com/

Registration now open, register your place here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/on-the-border-of-art-and-teaching-in-the-multilingual-world-tickets-45427624247

On the Border of Art and Language Teaching in the Multilingual World is devised and produced by Marta Nitecka Barche (University of Aberdeen), Dobrochna Futro(University of Glasgow) and Deirdre MacKenna (University of Dundee).