The Literary Self: from Antiquity to the Digital Age

The Literary Self: from Antiquity to the Digital Age

Issued: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:41:00 GMT

Conference date 4/6/18 - 5/6/18

The programme has been published for "The Literary Self: from Antiquity to the Digital Age", a postgraduate conference hosted by the University of Edinburgh (with collaboration from the University of St Andrews and University of Strathclyde) and supported by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities Cohort Development Fund.

Throughout history authors have grappled with how their texts are presented to their audience. Critics and theorists have responded to this in kind with a multitude of diverging approaches to the author in a text and the nature of the self generally.

However, very few of these approaches have come to bear upon the literary nature of our online identities, whether it’s the lexical semantics and rhetoric of our online existences or indeed the literary value that such existences might produce.

The conference will examine approaches to authorship and selfhood through time and culminate in roundtable discussions of their applicability in our digital age. It will have panels grounded in the Classical, Medieval and Early Modern, and Modern periods and invite papers from all disciplines.

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This event is supported by the SGSAH Cohort Development Fund. All enquiries should be directed to the organisers.