Scottish Medical Humanities Doctoral Research Network - Scoping Meeting

Scottish Medical Humanities Doctoral Research Network - Scoping Meeting

Issued: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 10:48:00 GMT

A new date has now been confirmed for the Scottish Medical Humanities Doctoral Research Network – Scoping Meeting, originally planned for the 7th March 2018. The scoping meeting was postponed in March due to planned industrial action. It will now take place on Friday 5th October 2018 from 11am-3pm in the SGSAH Meeting Room at the University of Glasgow.

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities has released Cohort Development Funding to launch a Medical Humanities training network for PhD students.

A scoping meeting will be held in Glasgow University in order to develop a plan addressing training needs (e.g. regarding postdoctoral funding, publishing opportunities, KE/PE, …). The organisers will particularly encourage further bids to the Cohort Development Fund.

Travel reimbursements will be available for journeys by public transport from outside of Glasgow. Attendees are expected to make full use of advance/off-peak fares and other discounts.

The meeting is open to current PhD students working in arts and humanities subject areas at any of the SGSAH member universities. You do NOT need to be an SGSAH DTP funded student to attend. If you would like to take part, then please email:

State briefly:

  • Your institutional affiliation and Subject area.
  • Interest in the medical humanities (e.g. PhD topic).
  • Estimated travel costs (if any).
  • Any ONE training need for Scottish PhD students in medical humanities.

Places and funds are limited.

This event has received funding from the SGSAH Cohort Development Fund. All enquiries should be directed to the organisers.