Theories of Knowledge 2017

Theories of Knowledge 2017

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities is pleased to announce a re-run of our Theories of Knowledge online course, the first nationwide course for doctoral researchers in all disciplines of the Arts & Humanities.

Theories of Knowledge ran in 2016 and examined the ways in which philosophers and critical theorists have influenced, and continue to animate, how we understand knowledge production within the Arts & Humanities. Students on the course surveyed several key themes in critical theory, focusing on how each topic of inquiry has changed or challenged our conceptions of what it means to know something in the Arts & Humanities.

It was delivered collaboratively by leading academic researchers in Scotland, with weekly lectures live-streamed across the country followed by an open discussion session. 

Theories of Knowledge 2017 will re-run four of the lectures which are linked thematically. These videos will be hosted online and live all week for you to watch whenever suits you. We will then schedule discussion times for students to come together and discuss the lecture, facilitated by a SGSAH Graduate Teaching Assistant. This way no matter your schedule or where you are in the world you can still participate in Theories of Knowledge.

Theories of Knowledge is designed to inspire reflection and to build community amongst academic researchers and teachers working across the disciplines as we consider together what it means to create public knowledge in the contemporary Arts & Humanities.

When is it?

Theories of Knowledge will run throughout July. With online discussions each Tuesday, from July 4th to July 25th.

How does it work?

Each week we'll upload a lecture for you to watch whenever suits you, the lecture for week one is available now.

We'll then convene at the Theories of Knowledge website to discuss that week's lecture. These discussions will be facilitated by a SGSAH Graduate Teaching Assistant. You can find recommended reading in the Theories of Knowledge course handbook.

Our facilitator will pose questions and you can respond, or you can pose your own, or answer someone elses. Just register for an account and enjoy the discussion.

The course is not credit bearing, has no assessment and is designed to be informal. So don't worry if you can't make a week, or if you start late. Everyone is welcome and you won't need to "catch up". Each lecture is self contained, although you will get the best experience by seeing them all and getting involved in the discussion.


The timetable of lectures are as follows:


What is Epistemology? - Professor Katherine Hawley, University of St Andrews

Lecture Link

Discussion Session - July 4

Sign and Structure - Dr Andrew Hass, University of Stirling

Lecture will go live July 5

Discussion Session July 11

Sociologies - Professor Alex Law, University of Abertay

Lecture will go live July 12

Discussion session July 18

Ego and Id - Dr Gavin Miller, University of Glasgow

Lecture will go live July 19

Discussion session July 25

I want to take part, what do I do?

Watch lecture one here and visit the Theories of Knowledge website on Tuesday, July 4th 2017 at 1700 (GMT) for a discussion on the topic. Read the Theories of Knowledge handbook for recommended reading, more information on the course and an insight into our speakers.

Also sign up for our Theories of Knowledge mailing list by entering your details below. Registering is quick and will allow us to send you an update on the course each week, as well as reminders before each discussion slot as well as an email for when the new lecture has gone live. It's the easiest way to stay involved with the course.

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