Theories of Knowledge

Theories of Knowledge

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities organised the first nationwide course for doctoral researchers in all disciplines of the Arts & Humanities, Theories of Knowledge. 

Theories of Knowledge 2016 examined the ways in which philosophers and critical theorists have influenced, and continue to animate, how we understand knowledge production within the Arts & Humanities. Students on the course surveyed several key themes in critical theory, focusing on how each topic of inquiry has changed or challenged our conceptions of what it means to know something in the Arts & Humanities.

It was delivered collaboratively by leading academic researchers in Scotland, with weekly lectures live-streamed across the country followed by an open discussion session. 

Theories of Knowledge 2017 re-run four of the thematically linked lectures. These videos were hosted online and on-demand for whenever suited the participant. We then hosted weekly discussions, giving students a chance to come together and discuss the lecture, facilitated by a SGSAH Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Theories of Knowledge is designed to inspire reflection and to build community amongst academic researchers and teachers working across the disciplines as we consider together what it means to create public knowledge in the contemporary Arts & Humanities.