Doctoral Research Impact Showcase - Call for Submissions

Doctoral Research Impact Showcase - Call for Submissions

Deadline 26 February 2018

Applications are now open for the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities' annual Doctoral Research Impact Showcase.

Apply now and receive up to £500 for materials to present the impact of your research to an invited audience of external partners, academics and peers.

SGSAH’s Doctoral Research Impact Showcase is an annual event showcasing some of the innovative research being conducted in the arts and humanities in Scotland.

Taking place at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on Thursday 21 June 2018, the event provides a platform for doctoral and early career researchers to showcase their research in a creative manner to new audiences.

Successful applicants will receive £500 for materials and displays, any materials generated from that funding will be yours to keep for future impact events/activity.

The deadline for applications is Monday 26 February, 9am. You can find full details below as well as the biographies of last year's participants and video interviews with some of the participants on their display and the benefits of the event.

Who Can Apply?

Any doctoral or early career researcher in the arts and humanities at any SGSAH member HEI.

What Are The Eligible Costs?

We will pay for materials directly required to showcase your research impact, which you can then use in other contexts. We have previously funded print costs for brochures, postcards and the costs of framing and other display materials. Computing equipment is not covered.

We will provide travel and accommodation costs in line with SGSAH travel expense policy.

What Sort of Space is Provided?

The event will be held in at The Lighthouse in Gallery 4. For both types of displays. For static displays we can provide rectangular 6ft long table and equivalent wall space to temporarily pin displays to the gallery wall. Wall displays must be pinned using masking tape or white tac so not to damage or mark the gallery walls.

Performances must last no longer than 5 minutes. Please indicate your equipment requirements (e.g. film projector; microphone stands) and the time you expect to take to set up, bearing in mind that we want to showcase 4 or 5 performances over a 2 hour period and that space will be limited.

Set up your displays is from 1pm on Thursday 21 June 2018. The Showcase event itself will run from 5-7pm with guests enjoying canapes & refreshments.

How Will You Choose Which Research to Showcase?

Submissions will be judged by a committee comprising of SGSAH staff and former showcasers. We are looking for:

  • Clear presentation of research findings and their potential and/or realised impact
  • Interesting ways of presenting research impact.

We will ensure that we showcase a spread of universities and subjects.

How to Apply

Please complete the ‌2018 Showcase Application Form and submit to by Monday 26 February 2018. We would like to know your research goals and potential and/or realised impact; the method you propose to use to showcase these (e.g. performance, poster, art work, laptop etc.); and an estimated costings for materials up to £500. You should also tell us who you would like to invite to the showcase - this could be anyone who could be interested in your impact agenda.