Spring into Methods - Call for Applications

Spring into Methods - Call for Applications

Issued: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 16:44:00 GMT

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities, in partnership with the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences, announces the launch of a new programme of events: ‘Spring into Methods’.

This interdisciplinary, and cohort building programme, will give students across Scotland, studying for a PhD in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences, the chance to apply to attend 2½ day research methods training events.

We are seeking applications to this fund from colleagues, or teams of colleagues, who work with the research methods outlined below. Training must be delivered on 2½ consecutive days between the 9th April – 27th April (inclusive) 2018.

Deadline for applications: Friday 23rd February at 4pm to events@socsciscotland.ac.uk (with ‘Spring into Methods’ in the subject line).

Commissioned Research Methods Training:

  • Quantitative Methods, including EITHER how to Visualise Data OR analysis of linguistic data
  • Qualitative Approaches to Data Collection & Analysis
  • Oral History
  • Arts-Based Research
  • Archival Research
  • Feminist Research Methods
  • Mining Administrative Data
  • Participatory Action Research

In addition to these commissioned events, we are issuing an open call for other innovative research methods proposals, which would be considered useful in this interdisciplinary space.

Applications should be mindful that each event will be capped at 25 students, with a range of Arts, Humanitites and Social Science doctoral researchers in attendance. We anticipate that most participants will have little existing experience in the research method event they have registered to attend.


In return for developing and delivering  2½ days of cutting edge training, successful teams will be paid a one-off stipend of £1250. It is expected that this will be a contribution to costs of the team employed by the host institution; all materials ; and cover the cost of at least one early career researcher (see below, notes on Professional Development).  It is expected that the host HEI will waive room fees.  There is an additional sum of £750 to cover catering fees (lunch & coffees). A full breakdown of how you intend to spend this money should be included with this application.

In addition to this sum, the SGSAH and SGSSS will cover accommodation (for two nights, up to £60 per night, for students travelling more than 50 miles to the event) and return travel at the standard public transport rate.

Colleagues are reminded that an application, or receiving an award, is an additional opportunity to any other participation requirement in events run by SGSAH or SGSSS.

Professional Development 

We wish to use these funds, not just to provide cutting edge training, but to provide opportunities to the next generation of researchers. Applicants should demonstrate how they will work with at least one early career researcher (doctoral researcher or post-doctoral researcher on a fixed term contract) to develop the materials, and deliver part of the training.

Please supply the following information:

  1. Lead institution hosting the event.
  2. Name and contact details of lead organiser.
  3. Title of event.
  4. Proposed dates of event (these must span 2½ consecutive days).
  5. Venue(s)/Location.
  6. Name(s) and role(s) of ECR(s).
  7. Event details. Please provide an outline of the Spring into Methods training event you will deliver, including i) aims, objectives and learning outcomes ii) details of the personnel involved iii) format iv)  any prior learning required by participants v) other relevant information (eg. learning materials provided).
  8. Please state how the event will be relevant to students from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  9. Please indicate the event contribution to knowledge exchange, if any.
  10. Please outline how you will record the event for the SGSAH & SGSSS online learning provision/legacy.
  11. Breakdown of cost of event (buy-out costs for staff, ECR salary costs, external speaker fees/accommodation/travel). Please provide sufficient information for us to be able to assess the value for money of your application, and check the guidelines for further information.

For full details, see our guidance notes

Please complete the application form after reading the guidance carefully and return to events@socsciscotland.ac.uk, adding ‘Spring into Methods’ into the subject line

Enquiries can be directed at either events@socsciscotland.ac.uk and/or enquiries@sgsah.ac.uk