Research Posters in the Humanities

Research Posters in the Humanities

Issued: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 15:15:00 BST

University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Academic Development is hosting a poster workshop for graduate students working in the Humanities. The workshop is funded by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities Cohort Development Fund and a University of Edinburgh Innovation Initiative Grant. 

Unlike colleagues in STEM subjects, researchers within the Arts & Humanities rarely have the
opportunity to present their work in a concise, accessible and visually illuminating format such as
that offered by posters. Not only is this a valuable and increasingly popular academic skill, it is also
an effective way of sharing research in non-academic settings.

During the morning session of this one-off workshop, the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for
Academic Development will offer expert guidance on how to condense and refine your research into
a striking and informative poster. In the afternoon session, participants will be split into small groups and provided with time and space to work on their posters in mutually supportive collaboration. Upon completion, participants will be given one week to finish their posters and then email them back to the organisers. Digital copies will be displayed on the OverLAP website, whilst hard copies will be available for printing from the University of Edinburgh. Participants will then have the opportunity to present their posters at the SGSAH Summer School 2018.

When is it?

It will take place on Tuesday 24th October, 2017. It’s a full day workshop.

One return train journey will be refunded for each participant, and lunch and refreshments will be
provided free of charge.

Who can take part?

We invite applications from graduate students working at Scottish universities to participate.

How do I apply?

For full details, see our Call for Applicants: SGSAH Poster Development Workshop CfA.

Applications should be sent to by 6th October.

Can I show off my poster afterwards?

Workshop participants will be invited to present their work, if they like, at a conference in November.