Atmospheres: The third annual Practice Research Symposium at the University of Surrey

Atmospheres: The third annual Practice Research Symposium at the University of Surrey

Issued: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 12:52:00 BST


The third annual Practice Research Symposium at the University of Surrey


23 Sept 2017, Ivy Arts Centre, University of Surrey, Guildford


Call for proposals


Following the success of the event in the previous two years, the University of Surrey will be hosting the third Practice Research symposium. The symposium provides a platform for a range of positions, presentations and performances on/of practice research. This year the organisers are keen to encourage research which reaches beyond practice research in the arts to include work from, and which speaks across disciplines. The symposium will offer a supportive environment for researchers at all stages to share work-in-progress and practical explorations, whether as part of their research projects or devised specifically for the event.

 ‘Atmospheres are quasi-objective, namely they are out there; you can enter an atmosphere and you can be surprisingly caught by an atmosphere. But on the other hand atmospheres are not beings like things; they are nothing without a subject feeling them.’ (Böhme 2017, 2)

 For this year’s symposium the organisers are asking for proposals on the theme of Atmospheres. From the gaseous envelope that surrounds the Earth, the vital air that all life forms breathe in and out, to that intangible presence in spaces, performances, poetry and writing that speaks to our feelings (sensory/perceptual/emotional/gut), atmospheres are anything but stable. Böhme argues that atmospheres constitute the mediation of a subject-object dichotomy, and suggests that they necessarily have both an environmental and a personal aspect. We welcome proposals that develop or challenge these ideas through practice.

Aimed at Practice Researchers from all disciplines, the aims of the symposium include:


  • to allow practice-researchers to share their findings and outputs with one another;
  • to afford those newer to research the opportunity to present in a supportive environment;
  • to collectively explore practice research’s iterations across different disciplines and contexts.


The event will be take place between 10.00 and 18:00 on Saturday 23 September 2017

This year’s event will be supported by funds from Guildford School of Acting’s Institute of Performance and is being organised by Amie Rai and Will Osmond.

If you are interested in contributing to this year's symposium, please submit a proposal to Will Osmond at by Friday 4th August 2017


Presentation format

Proposals can be submitted for presentations in one of the following formats (using this form

  • 20 minute presentations/papers

Here, ‘presentation/papers’ might mean the presentation of a standard 20-minute conference-style talk. However, 20 minute presentations may also include demonstrations of practice; ‘performance-lecture’ style modes of delivery, collaborative presentations, performance work and so forth – whatever form you feel best communicates the research dimension of your practice. Please specify any technical or space requests on your proposal form.

  • Participatory workshop (45-60 mins)

Workshop proposals are welcomed for those that feel that embodied participation is the most appropriate way to share their practical research. These sessions should not involve lengthy spoken presentations or screenings of work; rather the majority of the time should be used for interactive exercises that enable others to get a flavour of your practice as research. Please specify any technical or space requests on your proposal form.

  • Presentation of work in the Gallery

The Gallery will be a space to showcase either work-in-progress or completed works in a format of your choosing. The organisers welcome proposals for small-scale immersive installation works which address the theme of the symposium. Please specify any technical or space requirements on your proposal form.

  • Poster presentations

Poster presentations are welcomed from those who may not be able to attend the event, or those whose practice/documentation is not suitable for presentation in the formats outlined above.



Böhme, Gernot (2017) The Aesthetics of Atmospheres (ed. Jean-Paul Thibaud), Ambiences, Atmospheres and Sensory Experiences of Space, London: Routledge