Free beginner level course in using mapping technology to display and analyse data.

Free beginner level course in using mapping technology to display and analyse data.

Issued: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 14:43:00 BST

Event Date: 7-8 September

Are you an arts and humanities doctoral student? Would you like to learn how to
use mapping technology to display and analyse data within your research? If the
answer to these questions is yes, then this free, SGSAH-funded course is for you!
Learn to use the open-source mapping software QGIS to display and analyse your
data geographically, through classroom tutorials, talks from guest speakers, and
an interactive outing in Edinburgh.

The course will be an introduction for researchers from varied disciplines who
may not have access to training or who might be intimidated by the technical
nature of the software. Starting from a beginner level, this course will show
participants how to create visually interesting graphics for their theses and how
to analyse data from their own research.

There are eighteen funded places available on this course, which will run at the
University of Edinburgh on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September 2017. For more
information, or to receive an application form, please email

This event is funded by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities following a successful application to our Cohort Development Fund. This means we are funding the event but are not involved in the organisation or running of the event. As we are not directlyorganising this event we will not be able to directly reimburse travel expenses and cannot offer support regarding attending this event. We would encourage you to direct any queries regarding travel and anything else related to the event to the organisers.