Arts Health Early Career Research Network

Arts Health Early Career Research Network

Issued: Wed, 24 May 2017 14:01:00 BST

The Arts Health Early Career Research Network  (ECRN) has launched giving a great opportunity for all doctoral students, early career researchers and early-career professionals interested in the intersection between art, humanities, health and wellbeing.

The ECRN has three aims:

  1. To LINK together early career researchers through social events, networking opportunities and workshops
  2. To provide podcasts and newsletters to help early career researchers LEARN more about the field
  3. To run training events to enable early career researchers to LEAD their own research projects

If you are a student, early career researcher (within 8 years of receiving your PhD) or an early-career professional working in research or evaluation, you can join for free by providing your details here:

You can get more information at the ECRN website at